Axa Nano Steady 40 lux LED - Dinamo Headlamp (Regular)   axa.ab920060

Axa Nano Steady 40 lux LED - Dinamo Headlamp (Regular)
The Nano Steady has a 40 lux light output (compared to the industry standard of 10 to 15 lux) making this top of the class in terms of dynamo lighting and illumination technology. The Axa Nano dynamo light is the winner of the prestigious 2011 red dot design award.

The "Steady" means the Nano Steady light will stay on when the bike stops, up to 4 minutes. This keeps you visible at stop signs and traffic lights. Suitable for use with side running dynamo. Very strong 40 lux LED lamp. Best in class dynamo light. Very large light distribution, including the area to the front sides of your bike.

Mounting bracket with 2 axles for optimum adjust ability in both height, as well as forward and back directions. The light stays ON when you stop, up to four minutes.

Meets German (StVZO) and French regulations. Some of the toughest and strictest bicycle regulations in the world.

Dynmao Compatability
Side Running Dynamo - Works Great The Nano Steady is compatable with a side running dynamo.
The Side running dynamo is also sometimes called a bottle dynamo or standard dynamo.

Hub Dynamo - Not Recommended for this Light.

The Hub dynamo is sometimes also called a dynohub.
Hub dyanmos always create power, and to turn the light off you need the switch on the head lamp.


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