Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex Tubeless Valves (x2) RVC valve and Key   eff.emcv2

Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex Tubeless Valves (x2) RVC valve and Key
Removable valve core: Caffé Tubeless Valve is state of the art. Thanks to its removable core, the valve allows the use of valve extensions (if needed) and can be completely rebuilt.

The rubber base ensures a perfect air-tightness just hand-tightening the lock nut (that compresses the rubber base against the rim-bed), without any need for easy-to-loose o-rings.

These Presta Valves require the Rims to be Drilled for Presta Valves. In order to use these Caffelatex valves successfully, the wheels / rims must be PRESTA-DRILLED (1/4" valve hole). NO SCHRADER VALVE HOLES (21/64" valve hole).

Effetto Mariposa has begun to offer washers that will prevent the valve nut from getting inside the Schrader hole (not allowing to tighten it properly). To convert a rim with a Schrader-drilled hole you will need 2 additional pieces: a thick black rubber washer and a flat metal washer; currently, these pieces are only available upon request.

To properly install the Effetto Mariposa tubeless valve on a Schrader-drilled hole, fit the thick black rubber washer on our tubeless valve, so it is down in contact with the squared rubber base. Next, mount the valve. The flat metal washer will be placed between the rim and the valve lock nut.


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